Vietnam 1943

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Saigon 1943
I found a wonderful book titled Indo-China. It was written by the British Naval Intelligence Division, in 1943,
and it has some wonderful photos in it. I have photo copied them here and will have them up for a while.

I used a lot of space to bring out the most quality since the photos are not as good as they could be.

Let me know if you have any old books on Vietnam. I am always looking for more books and maps.

Looking north along Nguyen Hue
Ben Nghe Canal
Looking west into the Ben Nghe Canal from the Saigon River. The Saigon Yacht Club is on the right bank of the Confluence.

The Rue Catinat became Tu Do and is now Dong Khoi. A few blocks from where this photo was taken is the Opera House, on the right.
Imperial City
Looking from the eastern corner of the City