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People from 2001 - 2003
During my trip of 2001 I took pictures of people in shops and on the street. Two years later, during my 2003 trip, I went back to find those people. There were some surprises but the biggest was that they all remembered me and were excited that I remembered them.

Pastry Lady 2001
This lady worked on the first floor of the Tax Store building which is right across Le Loi from the Rex. She sold pastry from a small counter just outside of the grocery area which was on the first floor.
Pastry Lady 2003
I went to the pastry counter which is still outside the grocery area, now on the second floor of the same building. I showed her picture from 2001 to the young lady who was at the pastry coounter. The young lady was very excited and recognized the pastry lady. She showed the picture to the security person who worked next to her. This lady recognized the picture, also, and the young lady said 5:00, she come here.
Pastry Lady 2003
Just after 5:00 I went to the Pastry Counter and as I approached I saw her. She is now with security and as we made eye contact I knew thet she recognized me. She was happy and had that beautiful smile. She spoke almost no English but We had a nice chat and all her friends were also excited.
The Little Rose Girl 2001
In 2001 Miss Yow sold Roses at Le Loi and Nguyen Hue, by the Rex. She is part of the story from my journal "A Little girl with roses, a lady of the evening and the coconut girl". I am not sure how Yow is spelled but I will correct this when I find out.
The Little Rose Girl 2002
This was a lot of fun. I took pictures of Miss Yow in 2001 and 2003. Tom Bury said he and his wife were going to Vietnam in 2002 and said they would be in Saigon. I sent him a picture of Miss Yow and Miss Ty. Tom and his wife found Miss Yow near the Rex, still selling roses. Tom sent me this picture of Rene, his wife, and Miss Yow. In 2003 I showed Miss yow the picture of her and Rene. Miss Yow remembered them. I wrote of this in my journal and Tom wrote, while I was in Vietnam, and asked me to give some money to Miss Yow. I did this and when I did I showed Miss Yow the photo of her and Rene and told her the money was from the lady and her husband. It was a fun connection.
Still The Little Rose Girl 2003
I went looking for Yow during my trip of 2003 and as I approached Nguyen Hue, on Le Loi, Yow came out of a doorway and said. "I remember you from before."
Coconut Girl
Ty was 17 years old in 2001 and I met her in the park in front of the Opera house. She was selling coconuts. I did not like coconuts. I purchased a rose from Yow and waited for Ty on my second visit to the park. She was so excited about the rose that she put it in the cooler with her coconuts and as each of her friends came by she would get it out and show it to them. After that we would sit in the park and talk and hold hands. It was very innocent and very beautiful. She would sometimes sit for hours and not bother selling coconuts. We were close and I thought her very special. If I was in the park and a lady of the evening would stop and talk to me Ty would come and frown. I would ask her what was wrong and she would say "that is not a nice lady". She took it upon herself to protect me from the social evils of consorting with women of easy virtue.
The full story can be found on the page "interesting people" in the "2001 Trip" section. The story is called "A rose, a lady of the evening and a coconut girl"
No Longer a Coconut Girl
She is still the beautiful young lady from Can Tho. Still sweet and innocent. However her family was inclined to move her to a profession that was more profitable.
Miss Ty 2003
Sadly the beautiful young girl from the Delta, who protected me from the ladies of the evening could not protect herself. The mentality of a man who would find pleasure in abusing this beautiful child is beyond my ability to understand.
Rough Shape in 2001
I noticed this car when I first arrived in Saigon. The car was a rust bucket with 4 bad tires, no glass in the windows, no interior and the doors were off. In the US this car would be waiting for the junk yard to come and tow it away. Three weeks after I arrived it looked like this, new tires, new glass, doors on and a lot of body putty and primer.
Car in 2003
I went to the garage where the car was being worked on, in 2001, and showed the picture to the man in the station. The man backed up a few steps and pointed up the street to a silver car. The car above is the one that was being worked on in 2001 and it is now a taxi. Nothing goes to waste here.