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Bien Hoa
A town a few miles West of Long Binh. Home of the Bien Hoa Airfield. At one time it was the busiest airport in the world. Van wanted some photos of Bien Hoa so I went out one day and had a very nice time exploring the town.

The Water Tower which used mark the entrance to Bien Hoa. However now Bien Hoa stretches all the way to Long Binh. In fact Long Bien Post is now the Bien Hoa Economic District II.

This is the market down by the river. In this photo the river is behind me.

To the left of the last photo.

Bien Hoa Market stalls

Butcher in Bien Hoa Market

Another butcher at the market

Another stall in the market.

Bien Hung Theater. After the war the name was changed to Na Ham Theater, then a couple of years ago it was changed to "Trung Tam Van Hoa Thong Tin", which means "The Center of Cultural Information". More information from Huong and Perry.

Street across from the theater

Large building near the river, I was not sure what it is untill Perry wrote and told me a friend, Huong, said it was the Dong Nai Province Committee. (The Government of Dong Nai Province). Thank you Perry and Huong.

A church across the circle from the large building above.

Nguyen Du School along the river, across from the church, next to the Peoples Committee and behind the school is the river. During the war this was a school for boys, grade 1 thru 5 however in 1967 5 girls were admitted. Huong was one. Now it is a primary school for girls and boys.

Bridge across a branch of the Dong Nai River, going Southeast out of Bien Hoa.

Crossing the bridge we notice the rail road tracks. The train also shares the bridge.

The green building is where a person is stationed who stops traffic when the train is aproaching.

A second bridge across the Dong Nai River. This is also a road/railroad bridge.