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Journal of our recent trip February March 2006

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Mekong Delta
My Tho and Can Tho

I take a tour of the delta each trip but this time I took the 2 day trip and saw Can Tho as well as My Tho. You really do not get to see too much of either town but you do get to see some interesting places and people. And, as always, I got to meet interesting people, Vietnamese and other tourists. In the past we took a bus to My Tho and boarded a boat there. This time we took a boat from the foot of Nguyen Hue, went down the Saigon river and turned into the Kinh Te canal and from there down to My Tho. It was a nice trip. From My Tho we went out into the Mekong and visited the same Islands that we had in the past. We saw Coconut candy being made, in a new location. Then we went to a fruit farm and a place to hear traditional Delta Music and on to Can Tho where we spent the night. Next morning we visited the floating market and hoped to see a rice processing plant but it was closed for National Ladies Day. A bus ride back and we are in Saigon. South of Saigon we stopped for a rest break in a very nice place. We passed the place we had stopped at in previous years. It was a very nice place but this one was larger, with a larger gift shop. So much is changing here.

Going down the Kinh Te canal.

A very typical small boat. The eyes are to chase evil spirits.

I do not know what the use of the building is but it is large and rather nice looking on the rivers edge.

Having transfered to a smaller boat we are going through some of the smaller canals through one of the islands.

At the coconut candy shop this machine shreads the coconut.

This device squeezes the juice from the plant on the machine. I forget it's name. It did not smell very good but the flavor that it added was very nice.

Sugar and coconut cooking over a fire of coconut husks.

Ladies wrapping each piece of coconut candy by hand. Each piece is wrapped in rice paper which is edible. This keeps it from sticking to the outer wrap. Then it is wrapped in plastic.

At this table are the 5 Swedes who were in our group.

If you go back to either year and you will see this same fish in the same rack cooked the same way. This year we find that it is an Elephant Ear fish. The fish are kept in ponds around the restaurant.

At our table are a German couple and a French couple. These are my Spring Rolls.

After lunch we had 40 minutes so I walked down the road and found this beautiful little building. It was empty and seemed to be unused. It was such a beautiful little house. I would love to move in.

The interior of the little house had such beautiful columns.

In my journal, on 7 March is mention of the place where we went to hear traditional delta music. This is the lady who smiled and then giggled. Afterwards I asked her for her picture and she looked very composed. I said "not like that, I want that pretty smile". She then lowered her eyes and smiled.

On our way to dinner in Can Tho we passed a man doing massage in the street. One of the thing he does is to put a flame in a 2 1/2 inch diameter bowl and quickly place it on the man he was working on. This is supposed to bring bad things out of your body. The Frenchman liked the idea but it would take a while and we were on our way to dinner. The next morning, at breakfast, the Frenchman said he had gone back and had the treatment done. He said he did not yet know if it worked.

In the morning the French and German couple left us to continue on the 3 day trip. The Sweds, Myself and two new couples went off to the floating market. As it turns out we saw the French and German couple at the market.

Our group divided and each half, in turn, got into a smaller boat and went around the market. At water level you get a much better prospective of the water and the boats. Looking at the other half of our group it occurred to me that it was funny that people come from around the world to go to the floating market in Can Tho and take photos of other tourists. At this point I aimed my camera at the other boat and said "Oh look, tourists". Richard immediately raised his camera and snapped a photo just as I did. This is Richard, center, from Sweden.

Richard and I snapped our photos at almost the exact time. Richard has sent me his photo and this is it. Me taking a photo of Richard as he takes a photo of me.