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Journal of our recent trip February March 2006

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Around Saigon
Some photos of people and places around Saigon and Cholon.

This is the card of our hotel which is on the street which seperates district 1 from district 5. It is a nice place and is $12.00 double and $20.00 for three. There is almost no English spoken but that is a lot of the fun.
If you read my journal Nhut was very helpful when we were looking for amusement parks and transportation for the girls and us. He is a nice person and honest, still, as with anyone, agree on prices ahead of time so everyone knows what is expected.
Nhut's card
Opera House
Plays are preformed at the Opera House.
Hotel Continental
This building is across the street from the Hotel Continental and the Opera House. One block to the left is Nguyen Hue and the Rex Hotel. If you saw the movie "The Quiet American", this is the ice cream shop that Phuong liked to go with her friends. They do have some very nice ice cream.
A beautiful Lady
The lady was looking at fans that the children were selling. She posed for a photo that her friend was taking. Notice the camera in the lower left. As her friend took her photo I also took this one and when the lady realized that I had taken it she looked just a little shy but smilled beautifully.
Cho Lon - Binh Tay Market
We know Cholon as one word but it is really two, as are most Vietnamese place names like Sai Gon, Ha Noi, Da Nang and even Sa Pa, however Van Anh has pointed out to me that it is important to write Cho Lon as two words which means "Big Market"

This lady, who weighed all of 80 pounds, wrestled the blocks of ice, cut off a chunk and put it in a bag. She then smashed the bag with the cutter untill it was small chunks and took it to whoever needed chipped ice.
Cho Lon - Binh Tay Market
She has made a mixture of fish and seasoning and is now forming fish balls. When she is done she passes them to a lady at her left who fries them in a wok with oil.
Cho Lon
Walking back from Binh Tay Market I passed this fountain with the beautiful White Dragon.
Another connection. John J Murphy was in Saigon in 1970 as a Navy Seabee. He wrote and told me that he had worked on this fountain, installing colored lights and new fountainheads.
Still on the way back from Binh Tay I passed this building. I do not know what it is but it is a nice building.
Beautiful Children
This little girl just wanted to smile and say hello.
Ben Nghe Canal
This is the Ben Nghe Canal looking East from Cholon. This canal was lined with houses built on stilts over the water. The homes have been cleared to make way for new construction.
The local home center. All recycle.
This is an example of an old style building. It looks like it covers the block, but really is only about 40 or 50 feet deep with a large court yard in the center. The center court yard is often covered by a roof that is anywhere fron one story to all the way up at the roof of the building.
Notre Dame Cathedral
Central Post Office
This is across the street from Notre Dame.
Inside the Post Office. They have a nice selection of souvenir stamps.
Be Hai
The beautiful young lady who tried to sell me cigarettes but then came and sat in the park and we ended up going out to dinner.
Hoa has been selling in the park since before I met her in 2001. She has a mother and sister and I think thay will all be all right.
This complex is behind City Hall, just up the street from HSBC tower. It used to be the palace of Justice.
Ho Chi Minh City Museum
This used to be the museum of the revolution.
Lambrettas are now outlawed. I am not sure why but they used to be all over the place. We hear that a Brit bought a lot of them and shipped them back to Brittan.
Building a hospital
These men were building this addition to the hospital one bucket at a time. The cement is mixed then poured into a bucket and hoisted to the top.
Bank on the bank of the Ben Nghe Canal a block from the Saigon River. This Bank is seen on the back of the 1970 1000 Dong note and some other old currency.
1970 1000 Dong Note.
A villa along the Saigon River between the Navy Dock and the Ship Yard.
At Miss Dung's house I found this sign from one of her enterprises. Her name is pronounced Young.