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Ba Son Ship Yard
The ship yard is on the Saigon River just North of the Navy Dock and runs up to the Thi Nghe Channel. Ba Son has a website at

Ton Duc Thang street runs along the Saigon River from the Ben Nghe Canal up past Nguyen Hue to the Ship Yard then turns Northwest. The next right is Le Thanh Ton. These two streets plus the Thi Nghe Channel and the Saigon River are the borders of the Ba Son Shipyard.
Ton Duc Thang Street as it approaches the turn Northwest. The Nayv Dock is just behind us and to our right. The Ship Yard is now on our right and ahead of us.
In the previous photo there is a wall to our right. This is looking over the wall.
We have just turned Northwest on Ton Duc Thang Street and this is the Main enterance to the Ship yard.
Main enterance to Ba Son Shipyard.
This building is just North of the main entrance. It is outside the wall that surrounds the ship yard.
Now on Le Thanh Ton street just Northeast of the last photo.
On Le Thanh Ton street at another entrance.
Going Northeast along Le Thanh Ton street there is a landscape nursery and behind that the wall of the Ship yard. Notice the guard bunker on top of the water tower. Still there after all these years.
Just Northeast of the last photo.
I am now on a bridge over the Tri Nghe Channel. There is no wall along the channal so we can see in tot his large building.
Still on the bridge looking into the ship yard.
Across the street from the shipyard and walking back towards Ton Duc Thang street.
The next 5 photos are continuing back to the Southwest.

Back almost to Ton Duc Thang street