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Journal of our recent trip February March 2006

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Suoi Tien
After Susan and Dylan had gone home I wanted to take Chau and Chuot to the park again. This is a different park which is up Rt 1 near Thu Duc and South of Long Bien.

In front of Suoi Tien are two huge elephant tusks. Between them is a giant bullfrog with a gold coin in his mouth.

Then we go up a staircase guarded by two dragons.

Inside the gates is a large courtyard.

Chau Chuot and a statue in the park.

A man made mountain in the back of the water park houses two large water slides.

Chau and Chuot basking in the pool.

Pool area.

Chao, Chuot and Nhut comming out of the water slide.

Beautiful gold temple in the park. Religion is strongly present in the park. Chau and Chuot stopped and prayed at each point in the temple where it was appropriate.

The haunted house where Chau held my hand and hurried me along while smilling to show she was not afraid.

In the Zoo there were pools filled with Alligators. At one pool we were given poles with a chunk of meat to feed the Alligators. They were very slow and did not appear to show any interest in the meat however when the went for it they were very quick and the girls were quite surprised.

We are waiting for the monkey show to begin.

At the top of the small Ferris Wheel, the girls are happy.

On the way home. Mr Lum is driving the girls and I am on the back of Nhut's motorcycle. You seldom see helmets in Vietnam but on the highway they are required. Since Chuot has such a small head and helmets are not readly available the police look the other way when it comes to little children.