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Journal of our recent trip February March 2006

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Tay Ninh
This trip we stopped at a rubber plantation as well as the temple. At the Cao Dai Temple we arrived before the service and so we were allowed to wander around on the main floor of the temple. We got a real good look at things we could not get so close to on previous trips.

A short stop in a rubber plantation just outside Tay Ninh. We are told that all rubber plantations were nationalized.
We entered by a door to the left of these statues.
About half way to the alters at the far end of the building. The all seeing eye is on the orb.
At the far end of the building is the orb which is huge and has the all seeing eye painted on it.
Susan and Dylan by one of the columns with it's dragon curling up. Everything is very colorful.
We have come around the sides of the sanctuary and are now looking at the front enterance again.
I have many photos of the front of the building. This one is from the rear. At the far end of this side is the enterance.
A building near the temple. Still within the large compound.
Behind the temple is this long building which has offices of the temple.
A gate into another area of the temple.