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2006 Trip

Journal of our recent trip February March 2006

Vung Tau

Wedding reception of Trevor and Ky

Chau Chuot and Dylan at Dam Sen

Tay Ninh

Cu Chi


Da Nang

Nha Trang


Tu Duc's Tomb

Imperial City

Around Saigon

Suoi Tien Park

Vietnamese Navy Headquarters

Bien Hoa

Mekong Delta

USARV Headquarters

Ba Son Ship Yard



Long Bien

Each trip I like to go out to Long Binh and see USARV Headquarters which is on the Southern side of Long Binh, on a hill. It was General Bruce Palmer's Headquarters. The buildings were large metal ones, two stories high and they formed a large "H". The bottom of the "H" faced East. The top faced West and the sides faced South and North. The North looked out over most of Long Binh.

These first photos are from a road which is approx. 100 Meters to the South and are looking in at the Southern side of the "H". The first is the Southwestern corner of the "H" and I do not know if the small building to the left was a part of the complex to begin with.
Closer view of the photo above.
To the East of the last photo still along the Southern side of the "H".
Still along the Southern side of the "H" we are now looking at the Cross piece of the "H" and the second building along the Southern side.
The Eastern end of the "H" still on the South side.
Close up of previous.
Now we are to the North, looking South at the Eastern end of the North side of the "H".
Still looking from the North at the East(Left) and West(right) sections of the North side of the "H".
The Eastern building of the North side and just a little of the cross member of the "H" mostly hidden by the trees. Then enlarge, if you can, and look slightly up and to the left of dead center and tell me if that is a door that might go into the bunker beneath the complex.
The Western building of the North Side of the "H".
Closer look at last photo.
Another look at the last photo.