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University of Dalat
These photos are of the University and the area around it. There are some beautiful large buildings around the campus however I was not allowed in and like everything else in Vietnam it is surrounded by a wall or high fencing. However, like they say, “what Brer Rabbit can’t get one way, by and by he gets it another way”. Like other fenced in areas I walked around the fence, like a shark looking for a weak spot, and sure enough there were places that I could see over, around or through it.

I was first attracted to the University, years ago, by this large building. It is massive and it curves. With the amount of ground the college has it could be built straight in another place however it is at the edge of the campus and near the edge of a hill which may be why it is curved. I have other photos from previous years however this year I went around and shot this from the back.

Around the back of the University, and outside the fence, was this building which I am sure was, at one time, part of the University or the home of someone important to the University.

On the way around the University was this beautiful little wooden house.

looking through the fence at one of the buildings.

This is a very typical French building that was built to house less important people who worked nearby. The buildings are close together and the rooms small. Notice the door, window, door, window, door. Above each is a stone decoration with holes to allow hot air, near the ceiling, to escape in the days before air conditioning and probably before fans.

The grandstand at the playing/parade field behind the University.

Dormitory at the back of the campus.

Back of several buildings in the back of the University.

Near a back gate a group of young ladies were coming in to the University. They stopped and asked my name. I said my name is Henry. They all started saying Henry, Henry, Henry and they giggled.

After saying Henry, Henry, Henry, the girl in pink said "That is a cute name". They were so happy and pleasant.

Looking in from the side of the University.

Just down the street from the University, and a part of the University, is an Institution of Cartography.