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Around Dalat


Around Dalat
I like to get up to Dalat once on each trip. I have friends, Rich and Nga, who live there and I have met Their friends who are also Americans living abroad. This trip I met Tom and his wife Ngoc. I get some good prospective that my Vietnamese friends may miss due to their always having lived there. .

Dalat is 4875 feet above sea level so the temperature is much cooler than down in Saigon. The pace is slower as well. Dalat is a Farming area. One of the farmers here is Veggi Bob, an American who began importing vegetables to Vietnam and now raises his own vegetables here. I am told the quality is very good and he sells to the best hotels in Saigon and Hanoi.

There is also a lot of history in Dalat. The last Emperor of Vietnam, Bao Dai, had a Summer Palace there. In fact there were 3 Summer palaces. One is now open to the public and it is a beautiful building that sits on a hill overlooking the lake. At one time one could only visit Dalat if one had the permission of the Emperor. There are many old French buildings from Colonial times. I have a page on Ana Mandara which is a must see here. The town is built on hills that cause the streets to wander around. There are Temples and Pagodas and some beautiful waterfalls and lakes. There is Elephant Island where there are Elephants which will give you a ride around the island. The village of the Lat people is a good place to visit. When we were there in 2003 we went out and met an elder of the Lat who spoke Lat, Vietnamese, French and English. He showed us instruments and told us of folk lore. He remembers the Americans and the French.

These two ladies were filling their wheelbarrows and taking them down a steep alley then coming up for more.

One of the curved streets that winds around a hillside.

A very steep alley. Some alleys run from one street to the next where they will be three stories higher or lower.

Some old French buildings.

Ladies selling fruit on the street.

This lady had such a beautiful smile.

I stopped in this shop and bought batteries for my camera.

Than Binh Hotel is next to the market in the center of Dalat. It is my favorite hotel there. However I still have to stay at the Crazy House and the chalet by the lake.

Vegetable sellers in the market.

This girl was chopping lettuce and she was so happy and just a little silly.

People sell just about everything on the streets. This man had bags of tropical fish.

Movie Theater which sits just above the Central Market and Hotel Thanh Binh.

I have been accused of only taking photos of pretty women and girls, and I must say that it is probably true. So here is a photo of a beautiful little boy.

On the way to the Church of Saint Marie I saw a compound of old French buildings. I was happy to find that the church was just across the street. After visiting the Church I went into the compound and found a hotel, a hospital and some vacant building. This building is a Hotel. The next five photos are in that same compound.

Hospital building in compound.

New construction in compound, however it looks as though there has not been work for a while.

More of the Hospital.

Another building in the complex

A small pavilion in the hospital.

This house is down the street from Ana Mandara. The house reminds me of a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere.

The man whom I hired to drive me around Dalat wanted me to see the station so much that I went to see it. I saw it before but it made him happy. I was glad I went. There were no tours around so it was easy to get some nice photos. One of the displays was this diesel locomotive.

A steam engine at the station.

Warehouse at the station.

Front of the station.

This chalet sits by the lake and I am told that the rooms go for $3 USD per night.

Old hotel built by the French. It is still in operation.