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  Ben Thanh at Night

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Ben Thanh Market at Night
Saigon is alive till late into the night. I have friends even in their teens who are out late at Karaoke or just meeting with friends. About 4 years ago the area around Ben Thanh Market, which was previously empty at night, is now ablaze with lights. Entire restaurants and stores appear. Canopies go up and stoves, barbeques, tables and chairs come out. Signs go up and carts filled with all kinds of food appears. There are tanks of fish, shrimp, lobsters, crabs, frogs, snails, clams and other wonderful things are on display. Just after dusk there are convoys of people rolling all these things to the market. It is something everyone should experience. Van Anh, her sister and I went there for dinner and it was a beautiful experience.

The street on the West side of the market. The market is about 30 feet behind the front of the canopies.

Restaurants along the side of Ben Thanh Market.

Many stores come out in the evening on the side of the street away from the market and even down some side streets.

Food displayed in one of the cooking areas of one of the restaurants.

Chefs at the Barbeque.

still working on the barbeque.

At the back of the market the stores on the exterior are open late though the rest of the market inside is closed.

Food set out for your inspection.

Tank of Lobsters. Here the lobsters are smaller and have no large claws. They look like giant shrimp.

Eels waiting for dinner.

At another stand Shrimp, meats and organ meats are on display.

A machine used to crush sugar cane, which is mixed with Lime, which are called lemon here, to make a delicious drink.

Come in and have a seat.

More seafood. It seems to be everywhere.

Preparing noodles. Notice fish in tank.

Near the market a young man is selling skewers of different meats.

A cart with a little pink creature in it along the street.

Close up of the little creature.