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China Beach - Danang
This trip Dylan said all he wanted was to go to the beach so our first stop was My Khe Beach which was known as China Beach during the Vietnam war. The beach is miles long and runs from the tip of Danang down to and past Marble Mountain. In fact, the beach is beautiful all the way down to Hoi An and that whole area down there is walled off in segments and the major hotels of the world are poised to build. Along the way to Hoi An there are several cemeteries, which look to be centuries old. We are told people were told to get their ancestors moved and that was that. Quite rude.

Sunrise on China Beach
Now named My Khe Beach

Dawn breaks and the bathers arrive. Most of the locals would arrive just before dawn and in two hours they were off the beach, not to return till late afternoon. The heat probably had something to do with it and also that Vietnamese women do not want a tan. A tan is something only women who work in the fields have and it is very common and lower class. We often see women riding motorbikes with a full face mask and gloves up to the dress.
Romance Hotel and Restaurant
Hotel My Khe is on the beach. One block behind My Khe is a street where we stayed at the Blue Seas Hotel. Two doors down the street is the Romance Hotel and Restaurant. We heard that it was Italian owned so we went here to have an Italian meal. The menu was extensive however everything we asked for was a "no have". Finally we asked what they did have and all they had was spaghetti. I think the Italian owners were away and all they could do in their absence was spaghetti. Still the spaghetti was very good and we went back a few times.
Judo Class on the beach
The man in the blue trunks would point at one of the students who would come over and the man would pick up the student, carry him a short distance and throw him, or her, on the ground.
Judo on the beach
Another one down.
The Carpentry Shop
Dylan wanted to take a walk around the place just off the beach and we went along the street our hotel, the Blue Seas was on. There was a Carpentry shop where these brothers and their Father were building something. This man was using a bow saw.
The Carpentry Shop
His brother was using a table saw.
A new hotel
This hotel was being built just 4 doors South of our hotel. I stopped and the workers invited me up to see their work.

I stopped and looked through the fence and the man inside came out and talked to me. He is an engineer in Hanoi and was vacationing with his family. He said the house was around $300,000 USD

This house and the next 3 are all on the street that our hotel was on. This one is large but others are quite small and compact.

House on our street.

House on our street.

House on our street. We are told that the smaller can be bought for $20,000 USD. This is a beautiful French looking house.

We walked to the end of our street and around the corner and there was this small alley. We followed the alley and found some beautiful little houses.

This and the next house were in the small alley.

Another house in the small alley.