Cholon Market

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Cho Cholon
Cholon Market is in District 10 which is to the West of center city. It is much like Ben Than with less interest in pleasing tourists. Some sellers have better prices others will ask what ever they think tourists will pay and it is often rather high. There are some very ornate statues and fountains in the center courtyard. The center courtyard also has some nice gardens.

Bus station about a block in front of Cholon Market. As I took this photo a security guard came and told me not to take pictures of the bus station.

Front of the market.

Closer view of the front entrance.

Looking at the front off to the west side.

In the center of the courtyard is this fountain and pool

Trees and bushes in the courtyard garden.

Bronze dragons at the fountain

Bronze Dragons

Trees, bushes, flowers and the Bronze Dragons

Bronze Dragon

Plantings in courtyard garden.

Boy with a large load on a small wagon.

Generator which was making a lot of noise but was keeping the market lighted during a power outage.

Stalls in market