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Crazy House - Dalat
Crazy House is in Dalat. It is a free form structure that is being built out of reinforced concrete by a fascinating Lady. She is the daughter of a Russian man and a Vietnamese woman. In Dalat she is called the Crazy Lady. She has a degree in Architecture from a university in Hong Kong. The building is her home but more than that it is a hotel which is now open, even though it is not complete. You may have a room in a tree or a cave. The rooms start at $35 USD. There are rooms and gardens and everywhere is concrete. Concrete animals, trees and mountains. There is a concrete house that has elements of a temple and a chalet. In the main building is a restaurant and the lady’s office. This is a must see when in Dalat. Besides being an architect, developer and hotel proprietor I think she is also a romantic.

Just inside the main entrance on the left are two concrete Giraffes. Stairways around them lead to rooms in the trees.

Dining room in the main building.

View of the garden. A small bridge crosses a pond. There are also birds in cages.

Sculpture which contains passage ways to and from rooms and main building.

Entrance to the sculpture, a stairway and a bridge all connecting the different rooms and the main building.

The man is painting one of the bridges. This is a work in progress.

A pond in the garden. There are fish in the pond and a bridge at one end.

Part of the main building, this has elements of a Temple, Pagoda and a chalet.