Fishing in Danang

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Fishing in Danang
While swimming in the pre dawn darkness, about 400 feet offshore, a rope touched against my side and I must say it did take me a little by surprise. I told Dylan a rope was coming so he was not taken by surprise so much. I was too far from the beach to make out that a group were pulling the rope which was connected to a net that was set out by a small boat that had passed beyond us half an hour ago.

Fishing in Danang
This is the group that had been pulling the line connected to the net.

The boat to the left put the net out and the fisherman then used the small basket like boat to come ashore and help haul in the nets.

The man in blue came down the beach from the North and helped pull in the North side of the net. Another group had been pulling in the South side of the net.

The ropes are now all the way in and we are seeing the net which is coming ashore.
The Catch
All that work and the catch the first day would have filled a Rubbermaid dishpan 5 or 6 times. This is the second day and it would fill the pan 2 or 3 times. By the time the small boat had the net stowed the catch had been bagged and sold and the family left with some for themselves.

Straightening out the nets and reloading them in the small basket like boat.

Still straightening the net.

The small basket like boat that holds the net.

One of the fishermen, he was happy to pose.