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Hoi An
In keeping with Dylan's wishes to spend time on the beach we went down to Hoi An after our time on China Beach. Hoi An is a small town south of Danang. It had no strategic importance during any of the wars so it remained untouched. I Had wanted to see the town and the beach was beautiful for Dylan. We had to get people with motorbikes to drive to drive us to the beach each day. It was a nice ride.

Our Hotel in Hoi An was the An Phu Hotel which is part of An Phu Tourist Company. The hotel was very nice. There was a large swimming pơl which was salinated instead chlorinated. Most pơls in Vietnam are salinated. The hotel was large and new and had a service desk on each flơr.

We took the elevator to the top floor and came out to the right of the photo. There is a Karaoke room through the doors to the center. Most of the top floor is open with no exterior walls.

The dining room is open and airy and has a beautiful view of the town and the countryside. Breakfast is included and there is plenty of fresh fruit, pastries and crepes. I put jelly in the crepes, rolled them and put sugar on top, just like Granny used to when we were little. They had omelets which were also very good. There was coffee, tea and fruit juices.

Looking Northwest from the restaurant.

Looking Southwest from the restaurant.

On the way to the beach we ride along this canal.

Farther down the canal

A beautiful hotel on the way to the beach. Hotels are springing up all over Hoi An. The center of Hoi An containing many old buildings and the Japanese bridge is an international historic site and is protected.

Dylan on the beach. Beautiful crystal clean water. We had goggles and snorkel by time we got here and we could see a few jelly fish, each with a small colorful fish swimming along side. We swam out to the boats you see there. The water there was around 12 feet deep and from the surface we could see the anchors clear as can be.

Looking back at the beach this is one of the many hotels that have sprung up along the coast and inland in every city.

Dylan had wanted to use a jet ski. Here there were 4 However a mechanic went from one to another tinkering but had no success getting any of them to run.