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Mui Ne
Mui Ne is a beautiful coastal town and a resort frequented by many expats. Many Russians live here in fact signs are often seen in English and Russian. Dylan and I stayed a nice little hotel with a restaurant and a beach that was kept in place by a sea wall. The restaurant was under a thatch roof and open on all sides.

Looking from our room across the pool to the restaurant. The pool is decorated by a local fishing boat and one of the little basket like boats.

One day Dylan rented a jet sky and had a lot of fun flying across the South China Sea.

Dylan also tried his hand at wind surfing.

In the evenings we would have dinner and sit under the thatch roof and watch the storm move across the ocean.

Then we had some of the greatest fun you can have in Vietnam, or probably any vacation destination. We rented motorbikes and rode from the tip of Mui Ne down through Pham Thiet. We rode in the country and through the city of Pham Thiet. We had more fun those days, on our motorbikes. On a motorbike you are free to stop at any place that catches your interest, and we did stop here, there and everywhere.

At the south end of Mui Ne we stopped here and Dylan went out on the rocks and looked at the beautiful clear water.

From where the rocks are looking to the North.

Near the North end of Mui Ne is this old Movie Theater.

At the South end of Mui Ne is this area where the fishing boats are in and unloading. We pulled in and watch the catch unload and get sorted and sold off.

Just across the street from the fishing boats is this area of large warehouses which are filled with vats of fermenting fish to make fish sauce.

Fishing boats tied up in the river at the South end of Mui Ne.

At the North end of Mui Ne is one of the fishing villages and here are some of the basket like boats up on the beach waiting to go out again tomorrow.

Fishing boat pulled up on the beach.

At the North end of Pham Thiet is a Pagoda, Temple and way back on the far away hill is a Cham Temple.

Down in the town were these little gas stations who charged $2USD per Liter for gas. Up on the highway gas is sold at the legal maximum of just under $1USD.

Little girl at the gas station.

This Citron, in black was very common in Vietnam in the 1960's

A Minsk motor cycle.

Another Minsk motorcycle

At the South end of Mui Ne are the White Sanđ dunes. A portion of them has been developed into some expensive resorts. These are single homes build into the dunes in a development that includes single homes, Condominiums, a golf course, clubhouse and restaurant.

The golf course.

The restaurant.

The Condominiums.