Church of Saint Marie

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Church of Saint Marie in Dalat
The Church of Saint Marie, Domaine de Marie, was built in 1938.

Suzanne Humbert worshiped at St Marie and was a major benefactor of the Church. Her husband, Jean Decoux, was the French Governor-General of Indochina from 1940 to 1945.

Mrs. Humbert was buried in an area behind Domaine de Marie and there is a shrine to her in the back of the Church.

Entrance to the Church of Saint Marie

The Church has two wings off the back. This is the outside view of the East wing.

In the courtyard behind the Church this is the other side of the building we saw in the last photo.

Still in the courtyard this is the other wing of the Church.

The same wing as last photo but looking into the corner and seeing most of the garden.

Garden behind the Church.

As I took photos the Sisters came out of the center door of the Church and moved down the path then they began coming out the other doors and some went into the wings of the buildings on either side of the church. It was like a beautiful river of blue.

With my back to the Church this is looking at the Path which some of the Sisters went down when they all exited the Church.

Greenhouses at the bottom of the gardens.

We can see a lady in a conical hat working in the greenhouse.

Standing in front of the Church these buildings are to the left.

More of the same building to the left of the Church.