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Jacques Le Guen, Colonel(R) Mech Infantry
Through my website I have had the wonderful good fortune to met Jacques Le Guen, Colonel(R) Mech Infantry, Airborne and Airmobile. He and I share a love of the old French Architecture from the days of French Indochine. He has offered to help me identify the buildings that I have not been able to identify.

French Infantry Barracks
The barracks were called "Martin des Pallières" and were the site of the 11th Colonial Infantry Regiment. What reamains now are the two aisles separated by street Dinh Tien Hoang. The back of the compound is occupied by a university. The barracks served after the 09th of March 1945 as a detention camp where a part of the French population, military and civilian, was detained.

This is a view from Google Earth of the two blocks that were the French Infantry Barracks in the days of French Indochine. The two buildings with the yellow dots are the gate houses at the entrance. There was once a gate between the buildings which is gone now that the Dinh Tien Hoang Street was put through the barracks compound.
The buildings with the green dots are two of the barracks. The one to the east is part of a college. The one to the west may also be a college but I could not get into that one. The three buildings with blue dots may be original, they look very old and French but I could not get any information on them. The red outline was a building that may have been headquarters. It is seen in the postcard below that shows the steeple through the gates.

Main Gates into the compound of the French Infantry. These two buildings still remain and are the ones with the yellow dots in the Google photo above.

These gate houses have changed very little since the post card

This is the gate house in the post card above. The building on the right in the post card is the building this photo is facing. The side as we look at this photo is actually the front of the gate house and we are looking East along Le Duan towards the History Museum a block away.

This is the enclosed veranda along the back of the gate house above.

A stairway in the building above.

In this post card we see the gate houses on the right and we see the two barracks to the left. The barracks are the two buildings with green dots in the Google photo at top. The wall and the fence are still there just as inthe post card.

In the post card above this is the barracks on the left. You will notice that the fence is just as it was in the day of the post card. The wall also remains at the end of the fence. Another floor has been added to the building.

In the post card above this is the far barracks. It is now a university.

The veranda across the back of the far barracks, looking towards the other barracks.

The main stairway in the far barracks.