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There are many Western style markets in Vietnam but there are many more Vietnamese Markets. The Vietnamese markets are filled with vendors, each having a selection of their wares or produce. At the Western end of the alley system for this block is Cho Thai Binh. We are only five blocks from Ben Thanh which is a large market in the heart of the tourist area. At Thai Binh I seldom see tourists and the atmosphere is different. There are less trinkets and more house hold essentials and fresh produce. The people are very friendly and as always if I wish a photo I hold up my camera and wait for a reaction. If it is negative I do not take a photo. Most often Photos are not only allowed but encouraged and even solicited.

Cho Thai Binh
Cho is Vietnamese for Market

The next two ladies understand that if you love what you do you never have to work. The market is a social experience as well as supply. They were both so pleasent and the joke was that they were both trying to marry me off to the other.

The market smells wonderful even though there is no refrigeration. Stalls are scrubbed daily and often cleaned as work progresses. Fish are on ice and often in pans with an air hose to keep them healthy till they are purchased.

In every market, as well as along almost every street, are food servers.
Western Style Supermarket
Much different from the markets like Trai Binh are the Western style Supermarkets.
Washington State Apples
I have seen Washington State Apples even in Dalat which is the garden spot of Vietnam. Much produce comes from Dalat to Saigon and the best restaurants.