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Silk Factory
We visited a silk factory in Dalat which we are told is the only silk factory in Vietnam that uses the old method of removing silk from the cocoons.

As we enter the factory we see many racks with baskets of cocoons waiting to be unraveled.
Unraveling Cocoons
This lady sits with a tub of cocoons in heated water and fishes for the ends of silk to come loose from the cocoon. Then she places it with the other strands being unraveled onto the paddle wheels above.
Detail of machine above
Close up of the machine above showing the strands of silk going through several rollers that pull the strands onto the paddle wheel.
The tub of cocoons being used by the lady above. The cocoons unravel revealing the caterpillar which was inside.
Unraveling machine
A larger machine operated by several women which is doing the job of the smaller machine which we first saw on a larger scale.
Computerized Loom
Here is a loom using the silk to weave silk cloth. Notice the cards on the left of the machine. If you took “Introduction to Computers” you will recognize one of the earliest computers. Each card has an instruction for the loom as to which strings will be lifted and therefore have the silk shuttle slide under different threads causing a pattern to reveal itself. The repeat of the pattern is one complete cycle of the cards.
Finished Material
Notice the pattern of the finished cloth.
Finished silk thread
Silk ready for weaving.
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