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Tan Son Nhat
Thanks to Andreas I found a lot of wonderful things out at Tan Son Nhat. There were so many buildings out there and they are disappearing fast. We did, however uncover many interesting buildings or evidenc of where they were. Andreas was a lot better prepared than I so I have some buildings not completely identified. Please feel free to write and give any comments or corrections.

Dodge City
The next 6 photos are of the BEQ named Dodge City. The building is now a warehouse for Vietnam Airlines. It is in very bad shape and we were told it will be demolished with in a year.
AG Processing Center
Next to Dodge City is the AG Processing Center. Extensive renovations were underway and then halted and the fate of this building in question. We are not positive if this is the original building however it does fit the footprint and it is possible that the renovations are simply over the steel frame.
Swimming Pool
Across the street from Dodge City is the swimming pool which is in great shape and is being used by the Flight Training School Staff and Students.
Tennis Courts l
Adjacent to the swimming pool are the Tennis Courts. The are also in good shape and look to be maintained well.
Just North of the Pool and Tennis Courts is a concrete slab. This was the Gym and was a staging area during the evacuatin of Saigon. The building was hit by a rocket at that time
Radar Domes
Two Geodesic Domes sit on towers behind what is now the Avation School. The 2 photos are of one and the other is just behind the building.
I forget which hospital but it is on TSN.
Additional TSN Buildings
I will get the rest of these buildings located on a map and you can help me Identify them.