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Woman's Work
For a long time I have bene noticing women working as hard and often harder than men in many areas. Often performing physical labor alongside men who we often think of as being stronger. I will add to this page as I see more examples.

Street Sweepers
She sweeps along each street and sidewalk and fills the orange cart.
Street Sweepers
From time to time she will pick out recycle to supplement her income. She takes the cart to a collection point where it is trucked away.
Loading a Boat
It is much cheaper to use people than a conveyor belt. No capital investment and no repair. This lady caught my attention.
Loading a Boat
I am sure that the bag weighs more than the lady.
Loading a Boat
She saw me take the photo and smiled and even under the weight she waves as she heads for the boat. I have a lot of respect for someone who works this hard.