Girl in the park

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Journal of my trip 30 March - 26 May 2011

Girl in the park


In 2009, on another trip, I was trying to write a poem about the girls in the park and the shameless way men treat them. Instead another poem came to me and I just could not continue with the poem I had set out to write.

This trip I finally wrote the poem called "Girl in the park". It is not quite what I wanted but it convays the thought. It applies to all the girls in the park but especially to two girls I met and came to know and care very much about.

Girl in the park
Henry M Bechtold

She sits in the park
Under a clear blue sky
She smiles at the men
Who happen to pass by

In her eyes is a brightness
That has not yet gone away
As she waits for the man
Who will take her astray

With no love he will use her
In this time they will share
He will not see her beauty
He will not even care

He will not know her love
He will not know her name
His needs have been met
He will not know his shame

She returns to the park
And the clear blue sky
She continues to smile
At the men who pass by