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We met Miss Alina in the airport in Inchon as we waited for a connecting flight to Saigon. We talked to her and her Mother for a while and found that she was from California and originally from Hue. She was going home for a visit and I asked if she would like to show us her beautiful city. She agreed. Of course she and her brother showed us the city. Maintaining propriety.

Arriving in Hue
As we left Hanoi I emailed Miss Alina and told her we were on the night train and would arrive in Hue in the morning. She said when we arive just walk out of the station and she would find us. We arrived, walked out front and sure enough she arrived in a few moments. She took us to her home and we met her brother and left our luggage as she took us to see some hotels to find lodging. We liked the first one she showed us. She found us a place to hire a car and she and her brother took us to see the sights. They bought us lunch and it was all we could do to convince them to let us buy dinner.

After a day of visiting historic sites she made reservations for us to have a cruise on the Perfume River
Miss Alina's Home
Miss Alina and her family have a beautiful home near the Rail Road Station in Hue. In front are three storefronts. One is a shop run by an Aunt. The other two are rentals. The Gate to the right is the enterance into the court yard.

Just inside the gate is a garden with a fish pond.

The fish pond.

The garden.

The house behind the storefront.

I just liked the soft colors on the one door.