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USARV Long Binh 2003


At the end of our time in Vietnam we had 2 days in Dalat. We were invited by Rich, who is now living there, and his friend Miss Nga.
I wrote this in 2003 upon my return. Rich and Miss Nga are now man and wife.

Eiffel Tower
On a hill near Bao Dai's summer palace is a copy of the Eiffel Tower. Dalat was known as "Little Paris"
Central Market in Dalat
Looking out of our hotel room the central market is to the right and across are the stairs where people, who do not have stalls in the market, come to sell early in the morning.
Central Market in Dalat
Inside the central market. This photo is from the upper balcony whre Miss Dung and I had breakfast.
Dalat Central Market Outside
The Central Market is surounded by shops on both sides of the street. Everything is on sale in these shops and everything is so fresh. The colors, and smells are wonderful.
Miss Dung
Miss Dung and I rented a motorcycle one afternoon and for the first time in a third of a century I drove it. It was a lot of fun and we got out to see some buildings away from downtown.
Miss Dung and Myself
I drove till I got up a narrow, crowded street. Miss Dung took over and drove till we were out of traffic then let me drive again.
Miss Dung and Myself
Till I saw the picture I did not realize that Miss Dung had made turn signals for me.
Teachers Training School
This is a building at the Teachers Training School. I did not know what the building was but Hai, Who lived in Dalat till 1970, wrote and identified them. this is Lycee Yersin (french high school). Dr. Yersin was a doctor born in Switzerland, graduated in France, practiced medicine in Dalat/Nhatrang, and discovered Yersinia bacillus (plague).
Teachers Training School
This is also a building at the Teachers Training School in Dalat which Hai has Identified as the Map Office (cartography). Through this web site I am meeting so many wonderful people and I thank Hai for the information and this contact.
Rene Paul and Francoise
On our tour of Dalat we met Rene Paul and Francoise Monvoisin, from the isle of Re in France. Here they are listening to the elder of the Lat People. The elder speaks Lat, Vietnamese, French and English. Rene Paul and Francoise were such delightful people. The day was rainy and cool yet it was a beautiful day.
On a tour of Dalat our van got stuck during an excursion to the Lat Village and again on the way back from the village. The ladies stayed inside, the men got out and pushed and I felt my contribution would be to document the incident, yell words of encouragement and sing songs of sunshine and warm days. At the end of the day we all agreed that the day would not have been half as much fun without the rain and getting stuck.
Linh Phuoc Pagoda
Linh Phuoc Pagoda is north of the city of Dalat. There is a Temple and Pagoda and a gift shop. Miss Dung bought a statue and I bought a gong.