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USARV Long Binh 2003


During our second day in Hue Miss Alina had a wedding to go to so she arranged for us to have a cruise on the Perfume River. The cruise would stop at a number of tombs, Temples and Pagodas.

Our Boat
This is the boat that we traveled on for the day.
Our Host
The lady and her husband ran the boat and saw to our every need. She was as delightful as she appears.

One of the Temples that we stopped at during the day.
Thien Mu Pagoda
A beautiful Pagoda. Much work was in progress to restore and maintain the Pagoda and it's out buildings.

Inside one of the Temples we stopped at. It is interesting that at the end of the American War these shrines, Temples, Pagodas and Mausoleums were deemed politically incorect. They sat mostly empty for 20 years until tourism showed the value of the sites. While empty there was no vandalism. It is not in the Vietnamese mentality to destroy for the sake of destroying things.

The craftsmanship on so many of the antiquities we saw was fantastic.

I took this photo before I realized that this lady was not part of the presentation but rather a worshiper at the Temple.
another view. The beauty is in every article.

The next 4 photos are outside one of the Temples we stopped at.


Cruising down the river we pass many boats working the river.

The gravel in this boat was raked up from the bottom and the boat was filled. The boats go down to a place where they off load the gravel.

Nearing the end of our day we pass the Citidel in front of the Forbiden Purple City. A day on the river. The Historic sites, a wonderful lunch on the water and a day of beauty. All for a cost of $2.00 USD.