Tomb of Emperor Minh Mang

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USARV Long Binh 2003


On our cruise up the Perfume River we saw many tombs. Minh Mang's Tomb is one of the most beautiful places you can imagine. It is a large complex with 40 buildings. The buildings are centered on a line from the main gate to the tomb. When a building is built to one side an identical is built diametrically opposed. The site was selected by Minh Mang where two tributaries join to form the Perfume River.

As we approach the gate we see a place in the wall that allows the canal to flow out of the compound.

We enter through a gate and follow a path around to a court yard in front of the main gate. In the court yard are stone elephants and horses.

There are three gates to continue into the compound. The center gate was only opened once to allow the coffin of Minh Mang to be brought in. Then it was closed and never opened again.

Beyond the gates are many buildings. Shrine, Temple and buildings to house the family when they came to visit. Also buildings for the officers of the government who would have traveled with the Emperor's family.

Alter in the Temple.

Building interior.

Another beautiful building

Last building before the tomb.

Garden behind the last building.

Beyond the garden we cross a bridge and look back at the last building.

continuing on we are at the tomb. It is a large hill with a stone wall around and a large gate. The gate is locked. We can not enter. The tomb is surrounded by a lake.

The lake to one side of the bridge.

The lake to the other side.

Looking out through the comples. It is beautifully landscapes and a most gentle and serene place.