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Work in progress
I will put up more as I get them.

I have been collecting old postcards and Photos of Vietnam. I decided to put a few up here.
If you have any please let me know. I am always looking for more. A high quality scan will be good.

Something new here. A wonderful friend, named Nguyen Van Anh, in Saigon, and I are researching old buildings
and places in Saigon and we hope to have more photos of those places as they are now. We will be getting them
up as we find them.

Cross reference of street names, Now and in 1951

Street name now19681951
Cach Mang Thang TamLe Van DuyetRue de Verdun
De Tham - North of THD Di Dixmude
De Tham - South of THD Di Louvain
Dong KhoiTu DoRue Catinat
Hai Ba Trung Rue Paul Blanchy
Ham Nghi Boulevard Somme
Le DuanThong NhatBoulevard Norodom
Le Loi Boulevard Bonnard
Mac Thi Buoi Rue Adrian
Nam Ky Khoi NghiaCong LyRue Mac Mahon
Ngo Duc Ke Rue Vannier
Nguyen Binh Khiem Rue Rosseau
Nguyen Hue Boulevard Charner
Nguyen Tat ThanhTrinh Minh TheRue Jean Eudel
Nguyen Thi Minh KhaiHong Thap TuRue Chesseloup Loubat
Nguyen Van TroiCach MangDid Not Exist
Pasteur Rue Pellerin
Pham Ngu LaoPham Ngu Laorue de Colonel Grimaud
Ton Duc ThangCuong DeBoulevard Luro
Tran Hung Dao Boulevard Gallieni
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cross reference of street names, in 1951 and Now

19511968Street name now
Did Not ExistCach MangNguyen Van Troi
Adrian Mac Thi Buoi
Bonnard Le Loi
CatinatTu DoDong Khoi
Charner Nguyen Hue
Chesseloup LoubatHong Thap TuNguyen Thi Minh Khai
Di Dixmude De Tham - North of THD
Di Louvain De Tham - South of THD
Gallieni Tran Hung Dao
Grimaud, rue de ColonelPham Ngu LaoPham Ngu Lao
Jean EudelTrinh Minh TheNguyen Tat Thanh
LuroCuong DeTon Duc Thang
Mac MahonCong LyNam Ky Khoi Nghia
NorodomThong NhatLe Duan
Paul Blanchy Hai Ba Trung
Pellerin Pasteur
Rosseau Nguyen Binh Khiem
Somme Ham Nghi
Vannier Ngo Duc Ke
VerdunLe Van DuyetCach Mang Thang Tam
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This is the Casino, in 1922, on what is now Le Loi.

The Casino is now almost unrecognizable. It may have been covered up with the new structure or it may have been torn down and the new buildings built. The front of the movie theater looks like it may be covering the old building. We will have to get into the buildings and look around. The corner section looks much diferent. It is interesting that the corner of the old Casino is now an Ice Cream shop where Dylan, Chau, Chuot, Nhut and I visited the day we went to Dam Sen Water Park.

Petrus Ky College was on the Northwest edge.

Now the city has grown way beyond the College and the college buildings are now Le Hong Phong High School and, think part of it is the College of Natural Sciences. The buildings marked in yellow were Petrus Ky.

Another view of the old Petrus Ky University.This looks like the Northeast corner, looking Northwest.

Old US Embassy Saigon
The US Embassy in Saigon 1964. Around that time the New US Embassy was built on what is now Le Duan Street. That new building is the much more farmiliar building that we saw in the news during the war, especially at Tet of 1968 and at the end as Saigon was falling. This building was used as the US Embassy Annex after the new Embassy was built.

I found a photo of the building after it was no longer being used by the US.

Van Anh, in Saigon, and I are looking up old buildings and she took the photo above in October of 2006. The building is at 39 Ham Nghi.

Charner is now called Nguyen Hue. Here we are standing at the fountain at Nguyen Hue and Le Loi looking towards the river. On the right is the Department Store.

Another view of Rue Charner and the cross street of Rue Vannier. Rue Vannier, now Ngu Duc Ke, is a block or two from the river.

Nguyen Hue in 1964, looking towards the river.

Saigon Tax Store across Le Loi from the Rex, however I am not sure why they call it the Tax Store.

Looking Northwest at the west side of Saigon. There is a red roof building near center. To the right is Nguyen Hue and to the left is Ham Nghi.

Rue Adrian which is now Mac Thi Buoi

Another view of Rue d'Adrian

Ben Thanh market, probably in the 1960's

Ben Thanh market much older. To the left is the rail road station which is now a park.

Saigon Railroad Station when it was next to Ben Thanh Market.

Rue Pellerin is now Pasteur

The Municipal theater, known as the Opera house in the 1960's, at the end of Le Loi. Plays are preformed here, we looked in on my last trip.

From the Municipal Theater looking west. On the right is a pharmacy which was, in the movie "The Quiet American", the Ice Cream parlor where Phuong liked to meet her friends.

Hotel Caravelle

Hotel Majestic, at the foot of Nguyen Hue, on the Song Saigon (Saigon River).

I do not know this building

To the left of this street is the Ben Nghe Canal. The bridge and the one off the left side of the postcard go to Khanh Hoi.

I was not sure why the City Hall was sometimes refered to as the Hotel Da Ville, However now, thanks to Mike Haas, I find that in Paris, as in Saigon, City Hall is refered to as Hotel da Ville.

City Hall

City Hall is on the right and on the left is the Rex Hotel in Pre Rex days

Tu Do is now Dong Khoi

Khanh Hoi is a section of Saigon that is in the South of the city, just across the Ben Nghe canal. This is probably the dock at M&M Docks. This is probably a good while before we were there.

I think this may be "Trinh Minh The" around K Docks. I will look next trip.

This is spelled Khan Hoi but it says Saigon so I think it is a different spelling of Khanh Hoi. In 1967 - 68 there was a lot of swamps and canals only a few blocks west of Trinh Minh The.

A canal in Cholon

Canal in Cholon

The Bridge is over the Ben Nghi Canal. Where the photo is taken from is the Duong Nguyen street bridge, also over the Ben Nghi Canal. The small building to the right is on the left of an earlier postcard which shows a street by a canal.


Mosque in Saigon

This looks like we are looking south from the area just above the Saigon Yacht Club at the confluence of the Ben Nghe canal and the Song Saigon (Saigon River).

The large red roofed building on the left is across from Ben Thanh Market and across form the park which was the old railroad station. This building was the railroad office during the French time. I am not sure what it is now.

Palace of Justice

Saigon Race Track

Saigon National Bank

French military barracks

Notre Dame Cathedral

Fish Market

The translation is Maritime Transport. This building is now the Ho Chi Minh Museum. It is just across the Ben Nghi Canal from the Saigon Yacht Club. It is at the North end of what was "K" Docks during the war.

Saigon Public Docks

Ships at the Dock. This is a long dock and I think it may be the old Naval dock which was just north of the Public dock. The public dock is at the end of Nguyen Hue.

Ships at the old Saigon docks.
Vung Tau

This is the "Back Beach" in Vung Tau. Around the point, in the distance, is Old Vung Tau and the Vung Tau Rex Hotel. The beach continues to the left a few miles. The place I took photos during my 2003 trip is just a short ways up the beach (off left of the photo).

I remember seeing the Sunrise over the South China Sea. I also remember walking along the beach in the moonlight. Both were beautiful.

The ship is the Johanna K which ran aground in 1975.

Railroad Station in Hue. This is where we re-met miss Alina. We came out the door behind the rickshaw to the right. This photo is taken from a bridge over a small canal. Just off the right of the photo is a road. I kilometer down the road on the left is Miss Alina's home