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Hotel Tan Nghia
2003 Notice - Hotel Tin Nghia has been sold and it has gone down hill. The 4 lovely ladies who worked there in 2001 are gone and the new owners are not to be trusted.

As I planned my trip to Vietnam I asked Hue, a pen pal, if she would find me a room since I did not wish to spend $50.00 per night for a room. She found Hotel Tan Nghia.
The intersection of Le Loi and Nguyen Hue is the center of old Saigon. As far as I am concerned it is the absolute center of the universe, but that's just me. Eight blocks west is De Tham street. This is the center of the backpack tourist?s community. Two more blocks and you are at Hotel Tan Nghia. This place seldom sees guests from outside Vietnam. It is $12.00 per night and it is nicer than most motels I have stayed at here in the US. There is a TV and VCR, a refrigerator, air conditioning and a beautiful tiled bath. The staff keep the rooms spotless and fresh flowers are provided each day. I throw my clothes in a corner and every few days they pick them up and take them to the laundry. The clothes come back pressed, on hangers and covered in plastic. It is a beautiful place to stay.
On the 31st of August 2002, a year after my trip, I received a letter from Hue. She says the rooms are now $18.00 per night.

Hotel Tan Nghia
Tan Nghia
Hotel Tan Nghia is just behind the tree in the center. It is a three story building and is somewhere between Peach and Tan in color. My room was second floor front. I looked out on the street which was a rather peaceful quiet street.
Tham is one of the four ladies who work at Tan Nghia. It was fun to sit in the lobby and talk about everyday life in Vietnam. We had many enjoyable discussions. Tham is such a sweet and gentle person.
One night at around 2:00 AM I could not sleep so I went down to the lobby and Tran was there. The owner of Hotel Tan Nghia had noticed that the white pebbles in the planter were dirty so she asked Tran to pick them all out, wash them, and place them neatly back in the planter. After taking this picture I helped and we had a nice time talking and cleaning the pebbles.
This day Vuong placed the flowers in my room. The flowers were fresh daily.
Loan is here at the front desk.
My room had two Queen size beds. I slept in one and spread my maps and brochures out on the other.
There is a lot of cutness in Vietnam. I returned to my room one day and found my bed made up like this.
A place for everything
There was a large wardrobe and shelves of a real nice dark wood. On the shelf is a personal safe, though I never had occasion to use it. Above the wardrobe is the airconditioner.
All the convienences
There is a Television, VCR, Refrigerator, a small writing desk, and a table and chairs.
The bath is nicly tiled and is kept spotless.
Last Day
Friends arrive to take me to the Ton Son Nhut Airport for my journey home.