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The tomb of Emperor Tu Duc was built during his lifetime to be an auxiliary Palace. He spent much time there. This is a large compound which has 60 buildings. There were buildings to house his family, staff and the Civil Mandarins who came with him when he was in residence. He named his compound Van Nien Co (Construction of Eternity) The Mandarins in charge of construction pushed the workers to finish the tomb in 3 years instead of the 6 years that were planned. This angered the workers and Tu Duc's popularity suffered. He changed the name of his compound to Khiem Cung (modest tomb).
Tu Duc was a very educated and intellectual man who wrote over 600 essays.
Please excuse the dates on the photos. I turned the date on accidentally but did not set it.

As we enter the compound we walk around a curved pathway and we see this pavilion across the pond.

Alter in the temple.


Miss Alina dressed as the Emperess. She does look Royal.

This Stele I do know something about. The lady in red comes to the tomb each day to explain the history of the tomb and the Emperor Tu Duc. She receives tips which help her finance her education. This Stele holds an honest critique, written by the Emperor, of the life.

After we came down from the tomb we find the pavilion which was built by the Emperor to have a place to enjoy peace and a gentle breeze. To contemplate and write poetry. Tu Duc wrote 4,000 Han poems and 1,000 Nom poems.

Sitting on the pavilion and looking back towards the tomb we see another small pavilion across the pond. The compound is beautifully landscaped. I would love to live here.