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I would be happy to hear from anyone who was there, had relatives there or is just interested in Vietnam then, Vietnam now, the war, our unit the 572nd transportation company, known as The Deuce or the Gypsy Bandits. Vietnam is very beautiful, the country, the culture and the people.

Have you been back? Do you want to go back? Would you never go back? I would be interested in the thoughts of others. You can go down and leave a message to share with all in my guest book, and/or if you wish you may send me an e-mail if you have questions or wish a quick response.

I knew I wanted to see the place again, but I knew there was more. I went not knowing why I really had to go. I just never knew, and am still not sure what that reason was. I do feel better in some ways, but not in others. I suppose there are things that we will just have to live with.

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