My Return to Vietnam
August 2001
Henry M Bechtold

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This was the home page of my site after my trip of August 2001

This site is about my trip back to Vietnam in 2001. There is also a section of my trip in 2003. I tried to keep the Journal updated on the web site. When we were in Hanoi I could do this, however when we got back to Saigon I could not get to the site to update it. It is now finished and I will now work on getting the photos up. This is the link that will take you to my Journal of this trip.

1968 - 2001
Hello. My name is Henry and I live now, as I have all my life, in Bucks County in Southeastern Pennsylvania. I was in the US Army for two years from October 1966 till September 1968. For one of those years I lived in the Republic of South Vietnam. In 1967 and 1968 I was in the 572-transportation company in Long Binh, mostly. In August of 1998 I was surfing the internet and found many sites about Vietnam, then and now. I knew that I had to go back. It was a terrific trip and good therapy. Vietnam is such a beautiful country. The culture and the people so gentle and welcoming I met my 4 pen pals and many new pen pals and friends.

Please fill out my guest book or send an e-mail when you have the time. I would really like to hear from you.

Something New - I have found a really great book called "A Long Way From Saigon". There is a review and a link in my "Favorite Links" page.

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Loan and her family
This is Loan, in front of me. She is the little girl I sponsor through Pearl S Buck International. I have sponsored her for several years since the other little girl I sponsored graduated from the program. Loan is so happy that I sponsor her as this allows her, her brother and sister to go to school, where she excelles. She won a trip to Saigon Water Park for her good grades. When Loan grows up she says that she wants to be a teacher. Sponsorship also allowed her father to get a loan so he could buy tile and tile the floor in their house so now the floor is not mud during the rainy season. He also built a latrine behind the family home and bought a 3 wheel cycle/cart that he uses to deliver the baskets that the family makes to market. Visiting Loan and her family was the high point of the trip. They say that money can not buy happiness but the $25.00 that sponsorship costs gives me much more than I could have imagined.

The Pearl S Buck Foundation no longer works in the South of Vietnam. The children in the South were dropped from the project. I have no contact with Loan now, however I am in contact with Ho Chi Minh City Child Welfare Foundation and Pearl S Buck employes in Hanoi and I hope to be able to sponser her through what ever organization will be caring for her. We will see.

PSBI Pearl S Buck International

The link below will take you to Pearl S Buck International. The site has much information about the foundation and how you can sponsor children in Vietnam and around the world.

Pearl S Buck International

Kim Vui Minh Ty
These 4 children sell coconuts in the park between the Rex Hotel and the Opera House. Ty and I became friends. One night I was sitting in the park when a lady of the evening came and sat next to me and began talking. As we talked the children who sell in the park gathered around and began talking. Ty came by, looked at me, with a displeased look, went to the other side of the park and sat down. I went over and asked her what was wrong. She said "That is not a nice lady". I said "I was sitting there and she came over. We were only talking. I was not going to go with her." Ty said "you should not even talk to her." I thank Ty for her concern and I returned to my wife with my virtue in tact.

The full story of Ty and the lady is in "Interesting People".