Convoys 1967-68
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Long Binh 1967-1968

Convoys 1967-1968

Tanks 1967 - 1968

Long Binh

Barge site south of Long Binh


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Convoys from Long Binh to Loc Ninh, Tay Ninh, An Loc, Ben Cat and Phuoc Vinh

My Truck
This was the truck I was assigned during my brief stay with the 10th Transportation company.
Waiting again
Like I said we spent a lot of time staging or waiting for a road to be cleared.
Road to Tay Ninh
When it was dry the road to Tay Ninh, which was a dirt road, became a dust road. In this picture you can see there is a slight breeze which made the dust move off the road. If there was no breeze the dust hung on the road and you had to guess how close you were to the truck ahead of you. When you got out of the truck you would step down into 6 inches of dust. We were covered with dust and it was all you could taste or smell. This is actually comming home. You can tell because we are empty.
Tay Ninh Staging Area
We arrived in Tay Ninh, dropped our trailers, picked up an empty and headed for the staging area. Here we had time for some C-rations a drink and a short rest. Then it was back to Long Binh. We would arrive in Long Binh around midnight. We then returned the trailer to TTP, did maintainence on our trucks and after that we were done for the day. We could now eat, shower, sleep and anything else we wanted to do till 4:00 AM when it started all over again.
Bear Cat
I am fairly sure that this is Bear Cat. Remember those pallets these trucks are all loaded with beer.
An Loc
Here we are in line to be unloaded. On the far side of the trucks is the airstrip at An Loc. These trucks are loaded with artillery shells.
Delta near My Tho
I only went to the delta once. I was told only recently that tractor trailers were unsuited to drive on the deltas narrow muddy roads.
The man sitting on the hood of the truck is named Cruz.