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USARV Long Binh 2003


From Hanoi we traveled north to Lao Cai, which is very near the border of China. From there we traveled Southwest to Sapa, sometimes Sa Pa and on old maps Chapa. It is a beautiful place in the mountains with terraced fields, beautiful mountains and valleys. And of course the people. The beautiful Hmong people.

As our train approached Lao Cai I was in the coridor with my camera waiting for a shot of the station. The little French girl came out of her compartment and I turned the camera to her slowly. As it pointed at her she smiled and I took this wonderful photo.

This is where we stayed while in Saps. A beautiful building on a hillside overlooking the town of Sapa.
Hotel Darling
Our room had two beds a TV and a fireplace. It was a very nice room. There was a balcony looking over the courtyard and out over the valley.
Just down the hall from our room and over the kitchen was the dining room. This window looked out over a small garden.
Hotel Darling Construction
This man was adding a layer of cement to a part of the hotel that was just recently built.

Looking down the hill from the pavilion at the center of the hotel Darling, just across the court yard from our room.

Looking across the hilside from the pavilion.

Miss Ha, Receptionst at Hotel Darling

Miss Sua

This young lady worked in Hotel Darling and was a very pleasent and gentle young lady

Kitchen at the Hotel Darling.
Street Market
In the town is a market and the sellers overflow into the street. Here the ladies are selling Indigo.
Waterfall in Sapa
The waterfall above the town.

Bridge at Waterfall
Boy and Girl
At the top of the Orchid Garden is a building where we saw traditional dance and singing. This young lady sold soda at the snack bar there.
Hmong Mother and Daughter
This Mother and Daughter were selling in the Orchid Garden.
Hmong Leg Wraps
The Hmong wear a wrap around their legs instead of sox. This girl is re wraping her legs.
Hmong Lady
This lady sold me a small wall hanging so I took her picture to remember her and show Susan who made the piece.
Hmong Girl
This little girl was so bashful that if I looked at her for more than a moment and smiled she would slowly move behind one of the other women. She had two small purses that she had made and I asked her, If I buy the purses may I take a picture and she agreed.
In the Hmong village in a field a small stream has been diverted through these generators. From the generators a wire runs to a stick in the mud, then to a tree and a few more poles till it supplies some light in a home a short distance away.
Hmong Girl
One of the beautiful Hmong children.
Hmong Girl
We saw almost no boys as they were home working. Only the women come to town to sell.

The next three photos are a new building going up in the Hmong village.

This is the shop built in the Hmong Village for the locals to sell hand made goods. Still it was more fun to buy from the ladies who made them.

A house being worked on

Woman working outside her home in the village.