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Pier and the Girl Sewing

As Pier, so carefully, lined up his picture I took this picture. I like seeing his photo and then seeing my photo. I often see a photograph and wonder who is taking the picture and what was going on around the Photographer. In this case we can see the Photographer and the other sewing machine girl and a little girl looking on.

After lunch we were left for a time to explore the area. Pier, Luca and I walked down the road and over a bridge. Then along a road that was getting muddier and muddier. It was very hot and a woman came out of her home and invited us in for tea. Because we looked at her chickens she went in and brought out the family dinner, she thought we were hungry. Pier asked me why I love Vietnam so much and I told him it is because this is the culture and the people, to see someone hot and offer them a drink, or see them hungry and give them food. Something very Biblical about that.

One of the ladies wrapping.

More buildings out over the water. Some might think they are all the same but they are not. Each group has different people and businesses and a different feel to it.